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lilyjamesofficial To the man in the red bandana whose smile is greater than my favourite book, I love you. Thank you for being able to share one of the many adventures we're about to embark on, thank you for your sweet and loving words, for the love you provide for me every day, for admitting I'm right even when I'm not. You've been my best friend since the first few words we ever exchanged words, you've been the person I fully knew I could call the love of my life. You inspire me every day to be a better version of myself and I admire so much everything you do with your talent, your compassion, your perseverance, and your willingness to admit defeat. You've got the greatest, most loving heart in the world. You've got the sweetest blue eyes and a way to make anyone feel like that are important enough. I hope that one day I am able to show you the love you show me every single day. Sincerely, a girl who once saw you in a Broadway play in 2007 #thankyouwill #yourphotosarealwaysmyfavourite
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kduds_😍😍 you guys are so cute together
graceethompsonn You are one of the ugliest people on earth and I don't even understand how he's with you? LMFAO
ok_wow i hope she blocks you lmao you're gross @graceethompsonn
isabellasev What an awesome photo! I hope you two continue making memories together that will last a lifetime. ☺️❀️ @lilyjamesofficial @imsebastianstan
ironhommehonestly you two are the ultimate goals and you make each other so so happy, i hope you guys stay together for a long time (knock on wood) πŸ’˜πŸŽ‰
stevebonkies My mom,,,, MY DAD ,,, MY MOM,,, AN D DAD !!
phoenixcliffe @marvel.fandom.universe just to ruin your life Seb and his gf together lll
jacquik1ng Ummm @graceethompsonn why the hell would you write that????
saba_6277 You and @imsebastianstan are perfect together and I love you both. Wish you both a beautiful life full of love and blessings xoxo
realdealshelby mom and dad omfg
majununes13 @gabsfcunha where do I sign up to be her??
vuongile Many tears @rantanenemma @vanichi @noorauu
noproofnotmuch You two are so great together. Have a great day with sebby( tell him I LOVE HIM) @imsebastianstan @lilyjamesofficial 😭😭😭😭😭😭 love you both xxx
tina._.tehraniii 🐍🐍🐍🐍🐍
raissazhrst YEU ANJIR LU
imgayvodka You’re pretty
nywx_df Slut
nywx_df You are the most fake couple in the world
liubuy omg she looks like a lollipop her head is so big
d.u.aa wait are they dating
panselhnos @d.u.aa since like 1945
kiiaramalik stay away from my sebby ok bitch yes you are bitch fuck you
d.u.aa @smilebucky thanks sorry i didnt know
panselhnos @d.u.aa its okπŸ˜‚
jasminedykee thIS IS SO HOT HOLY CRAP
all.over.oliver /sighs so loud that my ancestors raise from the dead and sigh too/
sebbyanu I'll slap the shit outta you if you say bitch. Go fuck yourself with a cactus. Seb deserves better than you. Bitch shitty ass. Get the fuck out of here asshole.
andrealagegarcini im an evanstan too and y'all are pathetic we all know she'll disappear soon leave the girl alone god damn πŸ’€
emmaleefaith21 Since some of us don’t know how to be decent human beings, ask yourself these questions before commenting! 1) Did she ask for your opinion on her life? 2) Does your message include words like slut, whore, or any other disgusting words? (don’t post if so) 3) Do you like her? If not, get off her page and don’t follow her or look at her content. 4) Would you let your parental guardian read the words you wrote to a girl who you don’t know?

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